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Lifestyle Changes to Help Improve Your Pain Levels and Fatigue

Pain and fatigue are a normal part of life. You stub your toe and it hurts for a little bit and then the body heals it and you feel better. Fatigue occurs in the same way. You go for a hike and you are physically exhausted when you return home. That’s completely normal. Your body is adaptive and responds to the stresses to which it’s exposed, in a way that makes you better.

When pain and fatigue become a constant part of your life, your body begins to lose the ability to adapt. When this occurs, a painful experience will feel draining, making you feel even more fatigued, and when you’re already fatigued, it’s more difficult to deal with pain. It becomes a vicious cycle. One that most of us is all too familiar wi

There's no "magic pill"

And as humans that have been conditioned by a society of immediate gratification, we are all looking for a quick fix. We go to the doctor in hopes of getting a “magic pill” to make everything better. Coming to you as the Doctor who receives that request, I’m here to tell you that not everything comes in a “magic pill”.

While the conventional, Western approach to medicine is extremely valuable in many instances, the role of lifestyle management is often overlooked. More and more often my treatment plans have shifted from injections and medications to lifestyle changes and health habits (or a combination of the above). It’s not always about the quick fix. Rather, the emphasis should be on small, sustainable changes that gradually build on themselves.

Changing the focus to lifestyle changes

So, what does it actually take to find that relief and energy you’re looking for? I package these up in four distinct categories that all contribute equally to your health and wellness:

  1. Mindset
  2. Diet
  3. Movement
  4. Sleep

Where to focus your efforts or the specific changes that need to be made will depend on your current lifestyle and how to make the biggest impact with the least amount of work.

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