Time of Year: September 2022 Temperatures: High 69 Low 42 Season: Dry season Duration: 4 days The natural route to hit the highlights of Olympic National Park is by traveling

I entered the hospital with trepidation, knowing I was about to have surgery, but not really understanding what that meant. As I awoke in the hospital room afterwards, I was

Fear is a topic that has come up a lot for me recently and I’ve been intrigued to see how it relates back to so many facets our of lives.

6 Ways to Measure Stress Home

As an athlete and medical professional, I am well acquainted with wanting to measure everything. When I started noticing the effects of stress in own life (fatigue, brain fog, chronic

Learn Techniques To Relax

Over the last months, I’ve been working on being consistent with a few techniques for managing chronic stress. These are techniques that I use to reset balance, improve sleep and

Have you been wondering what all this talk is about burnout and the stress response? During 2020 this became a common topic as more and more people suffered from the stress of the pandemic, working from home and the self-isolation of quarantine.